Just a few reasons why you should join the people pack

  • Even though I'm working mostly from another site (our warehouse), the people pack is always ready to listen and to give advice when I need it. And I still feel super close to them!

    Kirsten Vannoorden

    Junior HR Officer (Warehouse)

  • I'm beyond proud to be part of a Certified B Corp with supportive policies and practices to ensure we are one happy pack! Be aware that you'll end up with new family members just like me after our volunteering day in the local shelter 😸😸

    Bieke De Waele

    Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • We practise what we preach. We don't just say we invest in people. We actually DO it! And that right there is magic for me!

    Laura Kerckhof

    People Project Manager

  • Working for an organisation with true purpose has always been at the top of my list. At Edgard & Cooper this is not lip service; our people walk the talk. It's an honour and a pleasure to be here every single day, knowing that you are doing good for the people, the pets and the planet.

    Dorothée Steenackers